Our First Entry : Melissa & Jake, June 2015

Even though I had originally intended to write about a more recent wedding these newly acquired photos from Melissa and Jake’s wedding on June 27th 2015 got me reminiscing about all the things that made that day so special.  The happy couple and their families were so sweet and gracious that I felt more that I had made new friends, not merely clients.

Melissa’s family hailed from Belgium, and, along with Melissa, wanted to make sure there were touches celebrating that heritage (antique Belgian lace was used to wrap the bouquet handles of the bright and cheery garden flower bouquets) as well as making the day reflective of their down to earth personalities.  Their choice of venue certainly set the tone – CandleWood Farms-  a gorgeous horse farm set in hills near Candlewood Lake.  This venue was a new discovery for me and I fell in love with the place!  It’s actually one of my favorite parts of my job to discover new beautiful venues throughout New England.

At the ceremony site rows of origami birds were strung between two trees, while pots brimming with flowers stood to either side.  There was an air of casual elegance surrounding and infusing the whole event from the lawn games set upon the grounds and the arrow pointing down to the canoe at the edge of the pond for those guests adventurous enough to accept the invite, to the canoe filled with ice and pick your own bottles of libations on the back deck of the barn set up for the reception.  The tables were set up with lace and rows of medicine bottles filled with country flowers, carrying the colorful wildflower theme of the wedding party bouquets indoors.  Another fun way the couple personalized the wedding is that instead of a more formal dinner service, they had hired a food truck from their favorite fromagerie to provide the entrees and appetizers.  Yes there was lots of cheese – with steak or tomatoes, or lobster, or…yumm! and instead of a wedding cake they had another NYC food truck serving fresh made Belgian waffles with any number of toppings!   It was such a warm and inviting celebration that I, and I’m sure all of their guests, were reluctant to see end.

Do not be afraid to be colorful, to go casual, to find a setting outside the box of standard wedding venues, or to choose unusual menus!  The charm of this event owed itself to the bride and groom going that route.

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